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Leverage your Network. Simply refer your fellow traders and start earning. All you have to do is refer traders to "StockCashBack" using your unique referral link. 
When a trader you refer earns Cashback/Rebate, you earn 10% of the amount they receive, and if they refer friends you get paid on all those people's commissions as well!
In order to get your Unique Referral Link, please login and Click on "Referral" in the Dashboard Menu.
You can also link to any page if you add your Referral ID to the end of the page/url.


You get paid 3 levels deep. Here is how it works:

1) Refer someone ("Rahul") = you will receive 10% of earnings generated by Rahul, every month
2) ("Rahul") refers ("Sanjay") = you will receive 5% of earnings generated by Sanjay, every month
3) ("Sanjay") refers ("Rakesh") = you will receive 1% of earnings generated by Rakesh, every month

The people you refer still get the same amount they would without a referrer. For example, if you refer Rahul and he earns Rs. 10000 in StockCashBack for the month, he will be paid Rs. 10000 and you will be paid Rs. 1000, plus you would be paid additional amounts on Rahul's "downline" (his referral).

You are never required to open a broker account. There is no "target" you must hit. You start earning immediately from all 3 levels as soon as your referrals start trading! Commissions are paid to you on a monthly basis.

1) Signup for a free StockCashBack account.  This will automatically create your unique referral link.

2) Retrieve your unique referral link at the top of Referral Page in your Dashboard Menu.  You may also retrieve HTML Codes and BB Codes for banners from the Referral Banners page.

3) Post your link in emails, forums (please do not spam the forums!), website, social networks etc.  Any users who sign up will be coded as your referrals and you will be paid accordingly, every month.

4) Make sure you fill out your Payment Method in your Payment Settings page so we know how to pay you.

5) Track your referrals on the Referrals page(it can be found in your Dashboard Menu).

6) Track your earnings from Referrals page.

Our Referral Program utilizes cookies to track referrals. When a visitor uses your unique referral link to navigate to StockCashBack they are immediately coded under your account. At this time, the user is still anonymous, i.e. has not registered or signed up for brokerage accounts. Once that user registers, their newly created user account is coded as a referral to your account.
We expect our affiliates to act with integrity and honesty. If not, we may discontinue our relationship and future payments. Offenses not allowed include deceptive marketing, spamming, and acts of otherwise bad faith.

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StockCashBack was founded in order to provide Cashback/Rebate/Discount on every trade you place at many industry leading Stock brokers.

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