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There are no minimum earnings you must generate to receive cash rebate. If you have selected a payment method requiring a minimum payment and your account balance is below this, your account balance will carry over until either you change the payment method, or your account balance reaches the amount required to issue payment.

You will receive a credit prior to payment issuance, therefore your account balance will be positive. Credits may be issued anywhere from several hours to several days before payment issuance. Payments will show up nearly immediately after a payment has been issued, and your account balance will return to 0.

Currently we offer: Bank Transfer (NEFT/RTGS/IMPS) - No minimum, INR 2.50 - 25 fee We incur charges on some payment methods, so we charge a fee on these.

Go to "Payment Settings" under the Dashboard Menu. Then click "Save" button.

We add cashback/rebates monthly in your StockCashBack account , so to get your cashback/rebates you need send a withdrawal request. Login in to your StockCashBack account then in right menu of Dashboard Menu click on the "Withdrawal" menu then click on "New" button and fill in the form and send. Finance department will process your withdrawal request within 10 working days.

Mistakes can happen and we are happy to take a second look. Simply Contact Us with a copy of your account statement (as it comes from the broker) with a request to have the matter investigated.

Yes, we do work with some brokers that for legal reasons or otherwise, are not listed on our site but for whom we can provide rebates for. Additionally, we add partner firms often so feel free to "Contact us" regarding the addition of a partner firm. With that said, we are careful about what firms we deal with and will not add any broker just to advertise our "wide selection." We have many years experience in the financial industry, and know of many firms engaged in stealing or cheating clients. We will not deal with such firms.

In most cases, yes. Please Contact Us for more details.

Not always Again, there is no difference to your existing service or set up. We cannot for legal reasons receive any notification on your account balance or trading history unless you decide to provide that to us. Your account is password protected and only you can get access. We merely obtain an income for referring you to your brokers and pass that savings back to you.

Yes. Our unique relationship and size allows us to receive cashback/rebates even if you currently have an account. All you need to do is register through us and we will sort out the rest. There will be no downtime, or disruption in your trading.

No worries. We keep your generated balance for a period of 60 days. You will have 60 days time to enter brokerage details in your profile for our verfication.

We deduct 10% TDS on all payments. Please note that we require all your necessary details (PAN, Payee Name, Address) to process the payment.

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StockCashBack was founded in order to provide Cashback/Rebate/Discount on every trade you place at many industry leading Stock brokers.

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